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“For example, in a carriage on my journeys or during walks, and in the night, thoughts pour into me, and they are the best.

I keep the ones I like in my head, and do indeed hum them to myself – at least, as others have told me.

W. A. Mozart  

If I now record this, I add one thing and then another, according to the counterpoint, the sound of the different instruments etc.

That heats up my soul if I am not disturbed; it becomes larger and larger, and I keep expanding it further and lighter, and the thing truly becomes almost finished in my head, even if it is long, so that I can then see it in my mind with one glance as it were, and I don’t hear it one after the other as it came in my imagination, but as if all at once.

All this finding and making, happens inside me like a wonderful strong dream. But listening to all of it, everything together, is best of all.”




C L A S S I C   L I F E


C L A S S I C   L I F E