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“But it neither has a heart nor feeling. We react intellectually, not emotionally to it. And thus, although, as an experiment, a lot could be said in defence of all this music, it is, in my opinion, an artistic failure.

Then – without being ceremonial – “modern music” is ugly. And music, and that I insist on, must, above all, be beautiful.

I don’t understand the arguments of the composers who want to make me believe that today’s music must be ugly, as it is an expression of an ugly century. What does an ugly century need expression for? And what is left for music if it is stripped of all its beauty! What mission does it then have as a form of art? No.

Theories might be o.k.. But an artist should not write his music according to theories.

He should create musical beauty from his heart, and he should feel intensively what he writes.”

Maurice Ravel



C L A S S I C   L I F E


C L A S S I C   L I F E