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The Future of the Composer

“Showing kindness whenever one can!
Loving freedom above anything else!
Never denying the truth!”

„That is how art always represents divinity,
and the human relation to it is religion.”

  The Future of the Musician  

“I was born with a gift, with music inside of me, that’s all. I cannot take any special credit for it. The only acknowledge-ment we may claim, is that of the profit we make from the talent given to us.

Pablo Casals        

Therefore, I preach to young musicians: Don’t be vain, because you happen to have a talent. You have done nothing towards it. Only what you make of this talent counts. You must lavish care and attention on this gift. Do not degrade and waste what was given to you. Work - work constantly, in order to support this gift.“

Pablo Casals 
    The Future of the Conductor    
    Sir John Barbirolli    


“For this reason, I hold on to the thought that conductors are born, but cannot be trained. Therefore, I refuse to accept students of conducting, and several years ago accepted an invitation to attend a summer course for conductors, only for the purpose of checking my view, that you cannot teach the unteachable. Of course, I was able to show the participants some baton related technical subtleties in order to realise certain complicated musical processes, but, in my opinion, the gift of giving expression to your personal musical ideas cannot be transferred to other people.”

Sir John Barbirolli







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C L A S S I C   L I F E